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SpenglerJohn D. Spengler, has conducted research in the areas of personal monitoring, air pollution health effects, aerosol characterization, indoor air pollution and air pollution meteorology. In addition to his academic and research activities, Professor Spengler has been active in professional education workshops, distance learning and short courses on topics that include pollution prevention and indoor environmental quality management for schools, offices and hospitals. He serves as an advisor to several global organizations, including the World Health Organization, where he contributes information on indoor air pollution, personal exposure and air pollution epidemiology. He has served as either a member or consultant on various U.S. EPA Science Advisory Board committees. He co-founded the Harvard Green Campus Initiative in 2000, chaired the university-wide committee on Harvard Sustainability Principles, and served on President Faust's Harvard Greenhouse Gases Taskforce to develop the university's carbon reduction goals and strategies.

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