Maki Ikegami, Specially appointed associate professor, Hokkaido University

IkegamiDr. Maki Ikegami is a specially appointed associate professor at Hokkaido University, Japan. She is responsible for the development of Sustainable Campus Assessment System, which has been approved by the university in early 2013. Now she is working for the dissemination of this system to other universities in Japan by cooperating with Campus Sustainability Network in Japan newly launched in March 2014. She was appointed to complete the report of AASHE STARS in 2012 and involved in a project "Value Metrics and Policies for a Sustainable Campus" funded by EU. She also coordinates interdisciplinary communication at the university to see the users' preference for the sustainable campus development and to collect the detailed information for the self-assessment of the campus. Prior to joining Hokkaido University, she was conducting research on sustainable energy system of rural areas like "Satoyama" woodlands in northeast Japan at Tohoku University. She took her PhD from Tohoku University in 2007.