Category: Building and Innovative Infrastructure

The Building and Innovative Infrastructure Award will recognize campus infrastructure projects – a single project or ongoing efforts – intended to improve the sustainability performance of the campus built environment.  We are looking for projects that show measurable improvements in energy efficiency, CO2 emissions or other environmental impacts and/or other sustainability relevant aspects.  These may include but are not limited to projects related to the built environment, water systems, alternative energy systems, and waste systems.

Successful entries will have documented compliance with best practices such as LEED, MINERGIE, or international standards such as ISO, and will also show overall solid performance across all three dimensions of sustainability criteria - Society, Economy and Environment, with outstanding attributes in at least one specific aspect. Additionally, projects will also demonstrate a link between operations, teaching and/or research.

Special attention in the judging process will be given to participatory processes in planning and implementation as well as those that take into account financial and non-financial aspects of the project (cost efficiency, unique planning processes, remarkable community engagement etc.)

Winning projects will demonstrate holistic integration of the project with the core academic mission of the university.

Category: Campus Planning and Management Systems

The Campus Planning and Management Systems Award will recognize projects or campus-wide initiatives that represent holistic approaches to campus sustainability planning. Campus plans and/or management systems should take into account best practices in large-scale deployment of sustainability technologies, practices and master planning and successful integration of sustainability into the culture, community and/or operations of a campus. Example projects may include, but are not limited to, strategic plans, climate action plans, integrating international standards, etc.

Successful projects will be those that show excellent achievements from the viewpoint of engaging the various stakeholders of campus sustainability in the planning process and those that include using the campus effectively as a living laboratory for sustainability related teaching and research activities. 

Winning projects will demonstrate how sustainable campus planning and management can be used to positively impact the campus community, its research activities, the educational mission of the institution, and increase on- or off- campus community engagement.

Category: Innovative Collaboration

The Innovative Collaboration Award will recognize university and/or student collaborations with campus stakeholders such as student groups, staff, academic departments, etc., and/or off-campus stakeholders such as corporations, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations on projects that relate to sustainable development and well-being of the campus community or society at large. 

Projects/Collaboration models should include the type of collaboration, a basic framework, goals, any support for the collaboration and outputs.

We are looking for innovative collaboration models that can be replicated, and those that enhance community, sustainability awareness, and reduce negative environmental impacts.

Winning projects will demonstrate an innovative collaboration model and/or project deliverable that can scale to benefit society.

Category: Student Leadership

This award is given to outstanding student projects or campaigns contributing to the sustainable campus and encouraging other students to start their own initiatives to make a difference. The type of project is unrestricted, but should represent an effort to introduce the concept of sustainability into the university's mission, the educational experience, the residential life, or the local community. The projects or campaign may be supported by external funds, but projects must have been initiated and managed by students.