ISCN-GULF Charter Update

The ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Charter was developed in 2009 to acknowledge that organizations of research and higher education have a unique role to play in cultivating the technologies, strategies, citizens, and leaders required for a more sustainable future. 

We are excited to commence the update of the ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Charter as we continue evolve as a network and in the field of sustainability in higher education. 

The updated Sustainable Campus Charter is being developed through input from a consultation survey, in-person regional focus groups, and expert interviews as well as dialogue and participation at the 2018 International Sustainable Campus Network conference taking place in Stockholm, Sweden from June 11 – 13, 2018.

We are seeking broad, international input from people active in the field, including researchers, academics, administrators, sustainability practitioners, policy makers and others. 

Please take the survey.  Your input is important and will inform the development of the new Charter and your institution will be listed as a contributor to this international document.


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Our Charter writing process

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