Pathways to Progress: Demonstrating Campus Sustainability

The 5th annual ISCN-GULF conference took place on June 8-10, 2011. The conference was hosted by the University of Gothenburg, and jointly organized with the International Sustainable Campus Network.

The 2011 conference explored the full breadth of campus sustainability topics covered by ISCN working groups – performance of individual buildings, campus-wide planning and target setting, and the integration of research, education and facilities. Discussion included a review of the first-ever ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Charter reporting season, and it featured the presentation of the 2011 ISCN Sustainable Campus Awards.

pdf 2011 ISCN Conference Agenda
pdf 2011 ISCN Conference Summary
pdf 2011 ISCN Conference Attendee List

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Conference Presentations

A list of all the presenters is provided in chronological order by format.  For those speakers who included a visual presentation, the file can be downloaded as linked below.  For those who did not provide a visual presentation, please see the Conference Summary for a short description of what was discussed.


Jan Eliasson, U.N. Millennium Development Goals Advocacy Group
Naomichi Kurata, Professor, Kogakuin University
Jan-Eric Sundgren, Senior Vice President of AB Volvo, Public & Environmental Affairs

Plenary Sessions

Partnerships & Outreach Plenary

pdf Heather Henriksen, Director, Office for Sustainability, Harvard University
pdf Jenny Forshuvfvud & Jennica Kallstrand, Environmental Coordinators, Chalmers University of Technology
pdf Steve Lanou, Deputy Director of Environmental Sustainability, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Reporting What Matters Plenary

pdf Dominic Brem, Deputy Head of Security, Human Health, & Environmentl, ETH Zurich
pdf Xu Lidong, Professor, Tsingua University '
Joseph Mullinix, Deputy President (Administartion), National University of Singapore

Future of Sustainability in Higher Education Plenary

pdf Ann Kildahl, Sustainability Manager, University of Hong Kong
pdf Chris Powell, Director, Sustainable Energy & Environmental Initiatives, Brown University
pdf Neal Dunstan, Landscape Architect, University of Pretoria

Leadership Panel Discussion

Victoria Ivarsson, Senior Manager, Knowledge Organizations, World Economic Forum
Per Cramer, Dean of School of Business, Economics, and Law
Esther Barrazone, President of Chatham University

Campus Sustainability Award Ceremony

Presented by Claude Siegenthaler, Hosei University
ISCN Award for Excellence in Campus: Brown University
ISCN oikos Student Leadership in Sustainable Campus Award: Cornell University

Summary Reports from the Working Groups

Peer-to-Peer Sustainability Workshop

Moderated by:
Steve Mital, University of Oregon
Claude Siegenthaler, Hosei University
Ullika Lundgren, University of Gothenburg
Evgeny Krasnov, Baltic Federal University

Next Steps for the ISCN

pdf  Bernd Kasemir, ISCN Program Manager

Appendix:  Inputs to the Working Group Sessions


pdf Ying Hua, Cornell University
pdf Sandra Wohrer, Technische Universitat Braunschweig
Bart Meehan, National University of Australia


Mikala Holme Samsoe, Danish University & Property
Bojan Balatic, Zagreb University
Angela Mensing-de Jong, University of Applied Sciences Dresden
Hisashi Komatsu, Nagoya University
Tomas Refslund Poulsen, Copenhagen University
Takao Ozasa, Hokkaido University


pdf Ariane Konig, University of Luxembourg & Nancy Budwig, Clark University
pdf Leanne Denby, Macquarie University
pdf Daniel Lang, Leuphana University