Thematic University Tours

The Butantan Institute

The Butantan Institute, as one of Brazil's most prestigious scientific institutions, generates new knowledge through scientific research, develops and produces immunobiological and biopharmacological products of interest to public health, educates and trains human resources in the areas of science and technology, and seeks to stimulate scientific knowledge and understanding among the general population. With 113 years of existence marked by numerous technological advances directed towards public health issues, the Butantan Institute is considered one of the major scientific centers in the world.

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Center for Disposal and Reuse of Computer Waste (CEDIR)

Open to the public since 2009, the Center for Disposal and Reuse of Computer Waste (CEDIR), installed at the University of São Paulo's Polytechnic School, accepts computers and electronic materials for reuse or recycling. CEDIR helps to reuse or responsibly dispose materials such as computers, mice, printers, cables and mobile phones. CEDIR serves as a benchmark at the national level for the performance of its activities and is reguarly visited by schools, universities and companies that attend talks about the technology recycling evolution.

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Institute of Energy and Environment (IEE) 

The Institute of Energy and Environment (IEE) is a Specialized Institute of the University of São Paulo with activities based on research, teaching and university extension in the fields of Energy and Environmental Sciences. The project's main objective is the continuous installation, operation and monitoring of a solar photovoltaic plant of 0.540 MW connected indirectly through consumer units to the electricity distribution network, consisting of four subsystems, incorporating the following concepts and studies: Building Integration (BIPV), Building Applied (BAPV), Solar Central, typologies and configurations of inverters and Power Factor Correction. The photovoltaic system was designed as a research project and developed with resources from companies in the electrical sector. It is divided into four systems, two situated at the IEE and one in Brasiliana Complex. The generated energy meets the demand of 1% of the entire campus. The visit to IEE consists of talking about the operations of a photovoltaic system and a tour of the system.

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