2007 Best Practices, Future Challenges

ISCN Conference 2007, April 25-27 in Zurich, Switzerland

The establishment of the International Sustainable Campus Network occured in the course of the international kick-off conference held on April 25-27, 2007 in Zurich.

Objectives of the conference

The organizers wanted to provide a discussion platform on recent advances in sustainable campus design and development worldwide, with a focus on sustainable building design, energy-efficiency and renewable energy applications as well as on processes for holistic campus planning and organization.

The conference was devoted to sharing case study presentations on international best practice examples, and to have workshop discussions on energy on campus, holistic campus planning, institutionalization of sustainable campus management, and future challenges.

The presentations and discussions were held at Science City, dinner was at the zero-energy research building ‘Forum Chriesbach’ with the opportunity of a guided tour of this new landmark building.

Press release

pdf Press release (english)
pdf Press release (deutsch)
pdf Statements (english)
pdf Statements (deutsch)

Conference Proceedings

pdf 2007 Conference Summary

Plenary and panel session presentations

pdf Presentation - Gerhard Schmitt Opening, ETH Zurich
pdf Presentation - Roland Stulz, Novatlantis
pdf Presentation - Leigh Sharp, Harvard University
pdf Presentation - Therese Brekke, Stanford
pdf Presentation - Peter Hopkinson, UK HEEPI
pdf Presentation - Susumu Nagai, Hosei University Tokyo
pdf Presentation - Rocky Young, Los Angeles Community
pdf Presentation - Roland Brouwer Mozambique, Polytechnique of Mania
pdf Presentation - Kees Christiaanse, ETH Zurich

Panel A1

Institutional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies

pdf Panel A1 Julie Newman, Yale
pdf Panel A1 Alexander Wokaun, Paul Scherrer Institute
pdf Panel A1 Paul McArtain, Dundalk Institute of Technology
pdf Panel A1 Klaus Helling, Environmental-Campus Birkenfeld

Panel A2

Campus Master Planning and Public-Private-Partnerships

pdf Panel A2 Michael Salzmann, ETH Zurich
pdf Panel A2 Larry Eisenberg, Los Angeles Community College District
pdf Panel A2 Hans Halvorsen, University of Copenhagen
pdf Panel A2 Joseph P. Mullinix, National University of Singapore

Panel B1

Locating Drivers for Sustainability in University Management Systems

pdf Panel B1 Claude Siegenthaler, Hosei University Tokyo
pdf Panel B1 Roger Baud, ETHsustainability
pdf Panel B1 Juan Reiser, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
pdf Panel B1 Per Lundqvist, KTH Stockholm

Panel B2

Sustainable Mobility on Campus

pdf Panel B2 Hans-Björn Püttgen, EPFL
pdf Panel B2 Roberto Battistini, Università de Bologna
pdf Panel B2 Eddi Omrcen, Göteborg University
pdf Panel B2 Bart Meehan, The Australian National University

Poster session

The conference was accompanied by a poster session presenting sustainable campus projects and the winners of the international competition «Sustainability at Science City».

pdf Climate Action Partnership
pdf Centre for Renewable Energy at Dundalk IT
pdf Green Bridge
pdf International Material Flow Management
pdf University of Oregon
pdf Seed Sustainability

Winners of the competition

pdf Science City is a provocation
pdf Sciencealizer
pdf SyntETHetic Science City


About 60 decision makers on sustainable campus development and professional experts with responsibility for sustainable construction, energy issues at major campus sites worldwide.

pdf List of participants

Conference Program

pdf Conference Program «Best Practices - Future Challenges

Conference Sponsors

ETH Board, ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, City of Zurich, Philips

This conference was climate neutral

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