Demonstrating Sustainable Development in Higher Education: ISCN and GULF Universities Share Best Practice Report at the World Economic Forum

At the World Economic Forum, the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) in collaboration with the Global University Leader Forum (GULF) shared exemplary campus sustainability case studies provided by the world’s leading universities.  This state-of-the-art report is focused on developing skills and building capacities of our future leaders, collaborating to catalyze change, and innovating for efficient built environments.

Download the full report,   pdf Demonstrating Sustainable Development in Higher Education .

The past year marked an important milestone for sustainable development.  We saw the conclusion of the United Nations climate negotiations (COP21) in Paris, setting the direction and gaining the support of all nations in limiting CO2 emissions to prevent temperature increases over the upcoming decades. Now the work to realize the commitments made in Paris in practice begins.

The ISCN understands that we need practical and applicable solutions to the issues at hand when implementing the COP21 agreement. Such solutions will require the best of today’s knowledge, the capacity to trigger large changes in industry and public policy, and the involvement of leaders who understand these challenges and can manage disruptive change in a holistic manner. Our institutions have much to offer through teaching, research, and their role as living laboratories, but we can also be an important engine of change through our collaborations with other schools, organizations, and businesses.

Six years ago, the ISCN partnered with GULF, bringing together the heads of 26 top global universities, to develop the ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Charter.  Organized into three core principles, the Charter requires a commitment at the highest level of the institution, and includes reporting on sustainability goals, initiatives, and performance. To date, presidents of more than 75 schools have endorsed the Charter.

ISCN and GULF members contributing to the report:

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