ISCN Webinar: Sustainability Engagement Through Gaming

Wed, Jan 25, 2017 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time 

Spreading sustainability awareness and initiating impactful change is undoubtedly a challenge in any setting – companies, academia, and organizations in general. How do we initiate meaningful sustainable development practices? How do universities teach students to take concepts and ideas and apply them to real world situations? How do we make sustainability tangible, hands-on, transportable, and transferrable?

These are questions the International Sustainable Campus Network and its members have discussed in many conferences, meetings, and exchanges. 

In a webinar with Industrial Game & Design’s founder, Eric Hedaa, the ISCN explores bringing sustainability to life through gaming. In this webinar, Eric will discuss his experiences in developing sustainability-oriented business simulations and games for sustainability, supply chain, and retail industry leaders such as Nike and how the games educate, drive a sustainability mindset shift and activate players to embed sustainability into their work.

Eric will share his story: how he found traditional communication, education, and collaboration a challenge in organizations where sustainability is only one of many competing priorities; the lightbulb moment that led to his gaming idea for communication and collaboration; how it benefited leaders and organizations while driving innovation; and ultimately, how these lessons can be transferred to college and university campuses across the globe.  

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About Eric Hedaa:

Erica HedaaEric Hedaa is passionate about driving business results through the artful application of communications, game design, and engaging experiences. He designs and executes strategies that increase awareness and understanding and most critically, initiate mindset shifts and activate key stakeholders in support of business objectives. Eric is driven by delivering measurable results against organizational priorities.

Eric has a proven track record of creating innovative solutions, gaining leadership buy-in, managing teams, and delivering outstanding return on investment. He’s received multiple awards from the United States Coast Guard, the Port of Portland, and Nike.

Prior to founding Industrial Game & Design, Eric spent nine years working with Nike’s innovation, sustainability, and product teams to design, develop, and deliver transformational business simulations and games like NIKE INC 2021, System Innovation Experiment, and Factory Lean Simulation. The games and sims activated senior leaders and supply chain partners to address short- and long-term business challenges and resulted in measurable improvements in sustainability and performance.

To learn more about Eric’s games, please visit his website.