ISCN Webinar: A Framework for Integrating Sustainability at the University of Melbourne

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'Growing Esteem' is The University of Melbourne’s strategic plan to 2020. It is based on the Melbourne vision of commitment to be one of the finest universities in the world, "contributing to society in ways that enrich and transform lives", and covers strategies from teaching and research, to the role of campuses. Growing Esteem includes the commitment to "embed the principles of sustainability in our work" which serves as an organising principle for decisions about the future of the University. Our efforts in developing the Sustainability framework directly address this institutional commitment.   

From mid-2015 to early 2017, the University developed a framework to articulate our commitment to sustainability and to integrate sustainability principles and practices across all our activities. The framework comprises a Charter, Plan and annual Report.

Growing Esteem states that "Melbourne will be guided by a Sustainability Charter, which will set out the values and principles through which the university will embed environmental and social sustainability in its work." The Charter also identifies a consistent set of commitments across all activities— research, teaching, engagement, operations and governance. The Charter binds all the University’s sustainability-related activities together under one framework with a unifying narrative about the University’s responsibility to lead and to act on sustainability and climate change.

The Plan translates the Charter commitments into targets and priority actions to 2020, and the process in developing Growing Esteem Development of the Sustainability Framework has been a powerful exercise that the University of Melbourne would like to share. In a webinar by Clare Walker, Associate Director of Sustainability at the University of Melbourne, the ISCN will explore the University of Melbourne’s Sustainability Framework, including the Sustainability Charter, Plan and Report. Clare will describe how the University of Melbourne went about developing the framework, how critical it was to involve the University community in the process and how this new framework is now informing activities across the organisation.

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About Clare Walker

Clare Walker 002Clare Walker is Associate Director, Sustainability at The University of Melbourne, leading the governance and strategy development of sustainability in accordance with the University’s core values and key University strategies. Based in the Chancellery, Clare oversees the integration of sustainability principles and practices into all University activities – research, teaching, engagement, operations and governance.

Clare is the Executive Officer for the Sustainability Executive, which has led the development of the University’s sustainability framework from mid-2015 to early 2017. This framework includes an enduring Sustainability Charter, a strategic plan for 2017-2020 and annual public reporting using the GRI standard.

The University of Melbourne aspires to lead strongly and act decisively in addressing the issues of sustainability and climate change. Clare is responsible for:

  • Developing the strategies and governance structures to deliver aspirations for global leadership in sustainability
  • Contributing significantly to the University’s reputation through engagement with significant sector, industry, government and community partners
  • Providing sustainability leadership to deeply engage the University community in delivery of the University’s aspirations

Clare has been with the University of Melbourne for nine years and brings extensive experience from the large corporate environment and academic study across a number of disciplines, together with a deep commitment to sustainability and the environment.

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