Sustainable Change Through User Engagement - PowerZee at Nanyang Technological University

NTU PowerZee


Many successful behavioural economics/psychology inspired experiments on nudges show the potential for energy conservation/sustainable change. NTU along with industry partner ENGIE embarked on developing a smartphone app for interactive user engagement using the sociological concept of nudging and a gamification based approach.



PowerZee app with main features:

  • Campus map with social network
  • EcoActions
  • Cold/hot feedback


  • Combining sociological concepts and gamifications elements
  • Using an app to foster sustainable change through user engagement
  • Using crowdsourced data to interact with Facility Management and building users

Objectives & Methodology

Main objectives:

  1. foster sustainable behaviour practices
  2. raise awareness about sustainability

A sociological study was done after the first experimental phase of PowerZee from mid-February until mid-June 2015. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used:

  • 7 face-to-face interviews
  • Workshop with 15 students
  • Online survey with 700 participants

Analysis was used to upgrade PowerZee app.


High-level players know more about energy facts:


High-level players act more eco-friendly:




The study suggests that the use of PowerZee app increases the awareness about energy consumption and fosters ecofriendly behaviour. The feedback received from students and staff was very useful to upgrade PowerZee. The new version of PowerZee app has been launched at different schools/universities in Singapore and France. Further deployments are planned. The energy saving potential for campuses is about 5-10% of the total consumed energy.

Research team:

Assoc Prof Yohanes Eko Riyanto (SSS)

Assoc Prof James Patrick Williams (SSS)

Regula von B├╝ren (ERI@N)