2013 WEF-GULF ISCN Report: Signature Projects

The ISCN provides our members the opportunity to share their achievements in campus sustainability via Charter Reports on the ISCN website, which receives around 3,500 views per month. Copies of Charter Reports submitted since February 2012 were made available to the participants of the January 2013 GULF session.

To complement the more detailed Charter Reports, ISCN-GULF Charter Members also prepared ISCN Signature Projects for 2013. These short summaries serve as inspirational examples of leading sustainability initiatives, in an easy-to-read format for a broader audience.

pdf ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Signature Project 2013

BPR 2013

Regenerative Sustainable Development of Universities and Cities: The Role of Living Laboratories

Examples of Living Laboratories

Edited by Ariane König, University of Luxembourg

ISCN Working Group 3 Co-Chair, Dr. Ariane König, Head of Sustainable Development at the University of Luxembourg, along with a cohort of expert contributors present case studies of living laboratories being built in leading universities across four continents in their new book.

Directly related to ISCN Principle Three – Integration of Research, Teaching Facilities and Outreach - their aim is to cultivate the transition to sustainable development by actively fostering social and technological change to improve use of natural resources and reduce pollution.

pdf Regenerative Sustainable Development of Universities and Cities

Regenerative Sustainable Development of Universities and Cities

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