This Press Kit is a set of resources we are sharing to enable engagement, communication and promotion of ISCN resources, events, and awards.  The information on this page will change as ISCN materials and programs are added throughout the year.

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ISCN-GULF Best Practice Report

[Facebook] We submitted a case study in the ISCN's best practice report for the World Economic Forum! Check it out: #WEF  

[Twitter]   Leading universities share sustainable campus best practices @WEF - Check it out: #ISCN #WEF


ISCN 2017 Conference

[Facebook] ISCN 2017 Conference: Climate.City.Campus., June 26-28, 2016 at University of British Columbia.  At the global level is climate change, the biggest sustainability issue of our time. At the regional level are cities where huge impacts – positive and negative – are made. At the local level are campuses and the location of our work as the ISCN. The conference will interweave each of these elements. Register at:

[Facebook] The ISCN’s 11th annual conference: ISCN 2017 Climate.City.Campus., June 26-28, 2016 at University of British Columbia, will bring together experts in academia, private, public and nonprofit sectors to discuss managing and engaging with climate action at local and global levels. Register at:

[Twitter] #ISCN2017 Conference: Climate.City.Campus., June 26-28, 2016 at University of British Columbia. Register at:


ISCN 2017 Sustainable Campus Excellence Awards

[Facebook] ISCN Call for Awards! The International Sustainable Campus Excellence Awards recognize sustainable campus projects that demonstrate leadership, creativity, effectiveness and outstanding performance in the areas of Building and Innovative Infrastructure, Campus Planning and Management Systems, Innovative Collaboration and Student Leadership.

[Twitter] #ISCNAwards call is open!

[Twitter] Showcase your school.  #ISCNAwards call is open!

[Twitter] We applied for #ISCN Award!