Working Groups

As part of its mission to support colleges and universities in fulfilling their leadership role for advancing knowledge, technology and tools to create a sustainable future, the ISCN has organized working groups.  In addition to exploring critical issues and facilitating the development of resources related to the three ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Charter principles, we have a fourth working group to focus on strengthening a corporate-university dialogue. 

  • Working Group 1: Buildings and their sustainable performance

  • Working Group 2: Campus-wide planning and target setting

  • Working Group 3: Integration of research, teaching and facilities

  • Working Group 4: Corporate-University dialogue

These working groups are led by experienced faculty and staff from institutions that participate in the ISCN network and are located all over the world. 

We are currently seeking additional members to join us in this collaborative effort. You do not need to have participated in ISCN activities in the past to become member of a working group.

Working Group Member Responsibilities

Working group members will be invited to give feedback to the group’s co-chairs concerning research agenda and to provide input into draft documents prepared for circulation within the network. They will have the opportunity to share these ideas with others in the in-depth conference Working Group Sessions.

Join Us!

If you are interested in participating in one of the working groups, please contact the relevant ISCN working group co-chairs with an email stating your name, title, organization, and any specific interests you may have for joining. The co-chairs will provide you with further details.